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Welcome to the new FS-UK!

We're proud to announce that after a year of work we have updated the FS-UK website. This is the first major overhaul of the website since September 2012, nearly 5 years ago.

We understand this is a big change for many, but don't be scared! This page will highlight the new features, and where to find things that might have moved.

Refreshed look

We've refreshed the look and layout of the website. We've tweaked fonts and colours, as well as completely redesigning a lot of the mods pages. Now the site should be easier to navigate and give you all the relevent information.

We've also refreshed the forum to be wider, simpler and clearer to read.

New homepage and profile

We've added a whole new feature to the website: You can now share images, text, links and videos straight to the homepage. Follow others or browse everyone's posts to get interesting content right on the homepage - don't forget to hit the like button on posts you like!

The homepage replaces the gallery system, but the old gallery is still available in read-only mode.

What we've implemented with the new homepage/profile system so far is still in an early stage, and much more features are on their way - so don't be too sad if a feature is missing.

Better security

We've worked hard to address security issues throughout the site. The website is now HTTPS, which means data between you and our servers is encrypted. Among this, we've implemented a whole range of other security features to keep your data safe.

Mobile support

Around 90% of the site is now mobile compatible, with the exception of the forums and admin panel. Work is ongoing to bring the rest of the site up to date, and some pages still need to be tweaked for optimum experience.

Faster browsing

We've seriously slimmed back what's going on behind the scenes - now pages are lighter and load much faster. Furthermore, we've deployed our website to new, faster servers located in Western Europe.

New report system

You can now report any pages on the website for abusive content. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "Report abusive content" - an alert will be sent straight to the website team.

Clearer testing information

We've tweaked the wording around testing descriptions. The wordings are now less negative and less distracting, allowing you to make your own mind up on which mods are great. It's also easier to view test reports.

Improved upload system

The mod upload system has been entirely rebuilt. Uploading is now faster, includes progress bars, and can accept files up to 2.5gb in size. We also created a new "my uploads" area where you can see your mods which are pending our approval, and edit the details and images of those mods.

Furthermore, if you're adding a mod from another website, you no longer have to upload it to our servers too. This makes it much easier to list your mod on our website.

Brand new wiki

Our wiki is now public - most of the things from the old modding tutorials and Knowledgebase areas are now there. This is still a work-in-progress, and if you would like access to contribute or edit any of the pages please ask on our forums.

Other tweaks

After 12 months of work, there's probably many small tweaks we have not included on this list. As you browse around the new site, you'll hopefully spot the changes and figure out how things now work.

Where is everything?

We can understand that things might be a bit confusing - some things have changed or moved. Here's a quick guide:

Before the update After the update

Before we updated the site, we had a gallery system attached to the forum where users could post images.

This is now part of the website itself. You can go to your page to get started with posting images, videos or messages. All of your old images are still available here.

Additionally, you can attach images directly to your forum posts - just hit "Reply" on a topic, then "Additional options". For inline forum images, we recommend Imgur

Chat Room

Previously, we had a chat room integrated with the forum system.

Since June 2017 we have retired the chat room once and for all. You can now join in the conversation on our Discord server.


We used to have an article based knowledgebase system as part of the forum.

We now have a wiki - visit Most of the Knowledgebase articles have been transfered to the wiki.

Gold and Silver standard mods

We used to refer to test results as "gold" or "silver" standard.

We now have the following result types:

FS-UK Perfect - previously known as gold standard
FS-UK Tested - previously known as silver standard
Not Tested - previously known as external mods
Modhub Tested - mods available on the FS Modhub

Staff Choice mods

The FS-UK team used to curate a recommended list of mods.

We no longer have "staff choice" mods. Please see the popular mods section.

So, as you can appreciate, it's taken us years to update the site in a way that is sympathetic to our existing users but also enticing to new users.

If you have any problems using the site, feel free to start a topic on the forum! We'll do our best to reply to any requests, comments or criticism.

We really hope you'll enjoy using the new website.

The FS-UK team

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