Farm Sheds pack

Tested by: ccs101

Result: No problems were found with this mod

Please see the table and comments below for details.

Checklist Item Description Result
Upload Description The description of the mod on FS-UK complies with the upload guidelines, and the mod is placed under the correct game and category on the mod system. No problems
Upload Credits The credits of the mod on FS-UK complies with the upload guidelines. No problems
Upload Image The images of the mod on FS-UK comply with the upload guidelines. No problems
No Errors The mod loads without any errors in the log, and does not generate any aditional errors during gameplay. 'Some Problems' may indicate warnings in the log. No problems
Store Item Shop category, title, description, image, brand logo and daily upkeep are all correct. No problems
Basic Functions The mod works as described in the description on FS-UK, and functions as it should for the type of mod. For example, if it's a vehicle, it spawns correctly and standard vehicle features work as they should. No problems
Physics Collisions, joints and masses are correct. For maps, this means no 'ghost objects' - collisions without a visible mesh. No problems
Model No missing/reversed faces, no normals issues (black faces), no UV mistakes. No problems
Materials and Textures No missing textures, broken materials.. No problems
Multiplayer All functions of the mod work correctly in Multiplayer. Not tested
Scale The scale of the model is within approximately 10% of the real equipment. This is subject to discretion, but generally the mod must look correct. No problems
Animations All animations work correctly and perform smoothly. No problems

Test Comments

These are some very good looking buildings, nicely constructed and excellent textures, will make a great addition to any farm...