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Winter crop in the group, time to break ground into the beet harvest

Set for ploughing, can not wait to get my hands on her this weekend

Last load of straw being unloaded, harvest officially finished

Rain has stopped us on the straw, rain will always win

Nice of my Oul lad to come do a bit for me xD think he's getting board with no baling

The rig the lads who bale our hestons use, one tractor that has earned it's keep over and over

Winter stuff cut, time to get the dung to the stubbles and no better machine for the job!

The TM and she's all ready for beet spraying..... 15 fills needed for the sprayer to do all the beet..... too bad the amazone is trailed xD

Only photo I have of the 208 on the go, been bailing since the 2nd day of the harvest, all stopped now, nice shower of rain might be a help with 2nd cut silage

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