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The TM and she's all ready for beet spraying..... 15 fills needed for the sprayer to do all the beet..... too bad the amazone is trailed xD

Only photo I have of the 208 on the go, been bailing since the 2nd day of the harvest, all stopped now, nice shower of rain might be a help with 2nd cut silage

Harvest 2018 is off to a start! And no better rig to have at it

She ain't the biggest but she's a mighty one role on mid July!

got the 6090 and the 6920s.... feeling like home now

you could be at dung, you could be at grain or ploughing even silage but one things for sure that sprayer man will always have right of way

First day cutting silage..... And the baler broke a chain, looks like I'll be sitting for a while..... Good thing the view is nice

Finally got the sowing done for 2018....kinda gonna miss this Harrow for the next 10 months, but bring on the silage

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