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| Felsbrunn | Busy planting some corn with the Puma 185 and Väderstad Tempo V8

| Felsbrunn | Injecting digestate and working down the ploughing. Loving the new textures by Melfoy.

| Felsbrunn | Late night filling up the digester at the Biogas Plant

| Felsbrunn | Carting maize to the Biogas Plant in the mighty Puma

| Felsbrunn | Started a second save on Felsbrunn as start from scratch was becoming abit boring and slow. Chopping some maize with the Rostselmash.

| Felsbrunn | Helping a neighbouring farm by dropping off a load of potatoes.

| Felsbrunn | Just picked up the new combine. Time to start harvesting.

| Felsbrunn | Loading up the new spreader with lime.

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