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[Hampshire, UK] Started a new save, did a little MP session doing harvesting and bales while a helper drove our 6R with lime

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Stopping for a break, our home is just up the road of the original Sutton Farm

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Cruise control set to speed, automatic unload initiated. Loving it!

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] MF army on the bales!

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Who ever says FS19 sucks must be playing a different version....I love it!

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Sexy JCB rolling out!

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Such a beauty (yeah i missed a spot)

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Finally some straw

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Bringing some water for the ladies, my buddy is getting ready for some feeding

[Suffolk, United Kingdom] Bringing some water for the ladies

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