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Nearly finished modelling the grain store just to get some decent textures on it now.

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3rd against these wasn't a bad effort for the little tractor beat at 1455xl claas 820 and a valtra t174.

Sunk to a new low today with this T shirt

Got some funny looks when I parked up at home tonight, dont know why, only moving some things around.

Having a play at local steam fair with my 6810 on the tractor pulling sledge.

This is what the leds look like at night

Show team line up. Also nearly a royal flush of Deeres. 10 20 30 and R

68 carting some silage off local ag show field. Weighed 2 bales at 750kg each so just a handy load on.

Combine all washed off and serviced ready for harvest.

Light mounted on and bracket painted up.

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