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Ayyyyy, 24th just around the corner, get ready guys!

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(To GreenBale) (Greenwich) Guys so I just found out what produces INSANE amounts of lag when close or standing on them. Its these black fences all over different locations at the map. Please try standing on one of them if not convinced. So thats why its a bit laggy when at the shop or other industrial areas with these fences around. I mean if it cant be fixed than its alright, I can understand, but this is definitely not right. And by any means I love the map, I'm just trying to help.

The John Deere Cotton DLC will be released on July 23, 2019

Done stacking some bales with hand!

Greenbale, I don't think this is right.

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

The last harvest in Stappenbach, I'll miss some of the great maps of FS17. And why are my FS17 pics much better than FS19..

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