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I always enjoy a bit of ploughing.

First field with the new seeder, should speed things up a bit. :-)

Bale stacking with the Maxxum in FS09 many years ago. It was best to sell them as soon as possible as stacks of bales had the tendency to explode back then...scattering the bales all over the island :-)

Decided to make a small change to the 515C and go for white rims just like a contractor here has on its Fendt tractors.

Collecting straw bales at the end of the day. A screenshot from a few years ago in FS13 with my all time favourite tractor the IHC 844-S from Kreters Island

A screenshot from the FS11 days, silage with my MF690 and a Holaras spreader. I think the map was Mosbach.

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