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All done and submitted to GIANTS!

All done and ready to be submitted to the crucible that is ModHub testing :/

Well with the new updates it seems FS19 is playable! Hooray! I figured I would start with converting my big bags over and adding some options. This is just a WIP. Hopefully the Albutt bag handler will be converted soon as well :P

Is it it a bug? Nope... its just that thing GIANTS call a dog. Welp, this will probably be my last FS pic for a while. Until the modders sort out this abortion of a game and make it playable anyway. After having the dog stuck to me, and my camera lock up for the 100th time, I've had enough. Its just not fun. A farming simulator shouldn't be more work than actual farming. I would like to thank GIANTS for creating a game that actually makes me rather be doing more productive things. Have fun everyone! FS17 was a blast at least.

Awesome little yard machine! Just finishing off the last couple steam achievements b4 fs19!

Modified the Joskin to UAL D1000 bales. Added proper DH as well

Aaand stuck in the silage clamp,,,,,,,,

Dropping in some sugarcane with the 8R fresh back from the custom shop!

Topping up the seed drill for the winter wheat!

Weird old setup.... but it works i guess

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