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Old Stream Bliss. Awesome being able to play this map again! One of the best out there IMO

Recreated the farm on the title screen background on Ravenport. Also added a fully functional pig and riding arena/stable area as well. Pretty happy with the results.

All done! Figured out the colorable UDIM textures. Finished adding a couple options (toggle in-store) Added decals, store icons etc. etc. all ready for modhub!

Well, I've not had too much luck with my last few attempts at modding (Big bags, maps etc.) so I've put some time into learning the ins and out of this new UDIM texturing system (which is actually pretty cool once u figure it out a little) I've scaled back my projects into a little pilot project bale fork. Hopefully this will give the knowledge and practice required for bigger and better things! So far so good, just doing some experimenting in GE with my new model and test textures!

Under a dusty moon. Starting to like FS19, good work on the patches GIANTS, and the mods everyone else!

All done and submitted to GIANTS!

Awesome little yard machine! Just finishing off the last couple steam achievements b4 fs19!

Modified the Joskin to UAL D1000 bales. Added proper DH as well

Aaand stuck in the silage clamp,,,,,,,,

Dropping in some sugarcane with the 8R fresh back from the custom shop!

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