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Dodger Farms has finally found a home! that sugarcane and GMK mod? ............ on LoneOak?.......... wuuuuut

Red-neck planter capacity upgrade!

Fortshrit 323 planting by the lumber mill! It just hit me that I'm using a mod tractor to run a mod planter to plant on a mod map! A huge thanks and a bow to all you guys/gals that continue to create awesome content for an awesome game! Keep it up!

Finally a good north american map! Excellent work Bill! thank you so much! There are so many small details that really let this map capture the true feeling of my home area! Love it!

We be rollin'!............................

Animated levers, ramps, support feet, crank arms, hydraulics, custom schemas, dynamic hoses, lowboy option and bale transport option, adjustable kingpin for various truck heights!

Into GE for some fine-tuning, textures have just begun taking shape. I had planned on a colorable version, but for the sake of simplicity I think I'm just going to do a black, and a galvanized version. What do you guys think so far?

LoadKing modeling complete! Now for textures!

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