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I must say that FS19 is one pretty game compared to the old ones.

Best new feature of FS19? It's gotta be the privy, cos when you gotta go u just gotta go!

Top work Farmari99, a true 5* mod. Thanks for creating and sharing your hard work.

Now this is what i call a true power house. People of wales don't know whats gonna hit them.

4220 turning some ground at Scatterbrooke Farm

Bringing in some bales in the mighty 845 XL

My Shamrock starting tractors, time to see how these babies go.

Lovely fleet of early case mx here in Shamrock, 110 all the way to the 150. Not my mod just a simple decal edit.

Welcome to Gwenddwr. Our small family run farm in stunning wales, we only have two tractors although we might be looking for a third in the near future. So here they are (after a good wash) we run a 2010 JD 5085 bought second hand a year or so with a cracking Trima loader. The other is a smashing motor and been a great tractor, a lovely 2006 JD 6420S Premium that we bought new in 2006.

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