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more real life pictures or fs pictures? comment below

Babbbbbbbbyy my heart is full of love and desire for you

I'm begging you for mercy why won't you release me

WH Agri cracking on today, join the discord here :

Day 1 : The weather looked like it was due rain, and tomorrow was the only day I could manage to get my potatoes in, so I decided I'd get the ploughing done today and now I can go home and watch some television.

Today I took over a small farm, with around 3 fields of grass and today I've decided to cultivate over one of my fields, hoping to produce some potatoes off it, unfortunately there is quite compact bits of grass, which the cultivator cannot go through so tomorrow before we plant the potatoes, I am going to plough it over.

pic for attention, anybody know why my small square bales went missing when reloaded savegame?

Day 1 today, rolling my spring barley in :) | Discord :

Picked up the demo tractor from the dealer today | Join my discord :

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