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Haha, appears I've accidentally downloaded George Saunders Simulator by mistake! Hope he's getting royalties XD

Nice to end on a high, as they say!

Time to break up the harvest crew for another season.

What an outfit! Working hard under brooding skies to get the winter wheat straw in at Coldborough park farm.

Time to begin spring wheat drilling here at Lone Oak Farm, the Steiger and planter both topped off ready for the long season ahead.

Another mild Autumnal day draws to a close on the farm. There's still plenty of combining to be done but as the evening dew draws in it's time to jump onto the challenger for the night shift doing some heavy tillage.

The machines are out in force today, both spreaders going full tilt prepping for the drill.

Taken one of the young lads off the new machine to knock down some barley stubble, who says small isn't mighty!

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