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Getting the fertiliser on as soon as we can to get the wheat off to the best possible start!

Winter wheat going in nicely in our recently purchased field. We ploughed the left maize stubble and left it to weather over the spring and summer before pulling it down with the Fendt and Vaderstad!

Time to go and spread some phosphate on the OSR land!

Final load of sugar beet being tipped in the clamp. It will be a busy few days getting this all carted in!

Today is the last day of harvest and we are in for our earliest finish since we came to the farm. It has also been the first year we have grown sunflowers and it was definitely a good decision! Quick and easy to combine and nice to have another spring drilled crop to spread the workload!

The contractor is now starting the last field of sugar beet! Very impressive Ropa machine, if we were to grow more sugar beet to warrant our own harvester I think we would certainly look at buying one!

The contractor's Ropa is making light work of our sugar beet area this year! They are a very efficient team and should be finished today!

The contractors have arrived this morning to start lifting sugar beet!

We've been putting a few more hours on our new tractor today! It has been out ploughing in the muck and barley stubble ready to be overwintered to be drilled with sunflowers next spring!

There was a little bit of muck left over once the contractors had finished spreading so we are moving it to a new field to start a new muck heap ready for the following year's sugar beet crop

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