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Farming Simulator UK - fs mods

The fleet are all ready to get out onto the land when the conditions allow!

Serviced and calibrated the new sugar beet drill. Ready for when the snow is gone and the soil temperature is optimal!

Newly delivered 9 metre header for the combine. Took advantage of a winter discount as we are growing a lot of sunflowers next year on a forward contract

Getting our newly delivered tanker hitched onto the 720 and getting things ready for spring spreading!

Neighbouring farmer is running short on straw so we are taking 18 bales there whilst there is a break from the snow and rain!

Thankfully the roads are clear enough to get some winter barley sold!

Combine washed down, refueled, serviced and now put away until next harvest!

Loading sugar beet on a beautiful first day of winter!

Full trailer of freshly cut hay for the sheep as the cold weather begins!

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