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Hopefully the cars slow down when we have too drive over the highway all the time with the manurespreader.

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Taking care of some new small fields that our neighbor lets us farm, with on of our two 7310R, a power harrow and a Norje Stonegrip we are harrowing before the cornplanting

Still in 17, and jumping between maps. Now i have about 150h or so on SibbersHusum, with a mix of equipment from both sides of the atlantic and with Seasons. Here's the John Deere 7310R with the Väderstad Rapid 800C seeding wheat, GPS of course.

Have left the swedish farming for a while in favour of some American MidWest farming. Still FS17 because there are two mods that i cannot live without (Seasons and Courseplay) so i am hopefully waiting because there are some fun tools in 19 (and maps coming up)

With no corn and soybeans harvested because of the wet autumn and we already had decided of selling the moo moo's so things got a little bit faster. The cattle went in the winter to another dairy and now we are selling a great amount of machines at an auction on the farm.

A meeting after the morning chores that will change the farm forever. The milkprices go down and there is nothing we can do about it. Probably in early spring all the cattle are going to be sold to a nearby dairyfarm and an auction will be held for many of the machines of the farm. The future for this farm is grain and energy from biogas, an era goes to the history books and another starts.

Winter is on its way. And the field were we store most of our tools under the summer is in chaos.

Still with FS17, the swedish map and i think its the third or fourth season coming to an conclusion. More animals on the farm means more feed and beddingmaterial.

Mixing feed like in the US of A. with ccm-mod and some easy fix on the mixerwagons you can use ccm-raw or whatever you want in the mixerwagons. I have them to take both beets, ccm, wheat and Barley.

Hopefully the cars slow down when we have too drive over the highway all the time with the manurespreader.

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