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I also really love the idea of the second floor for bale storage. One thing I hate about maps is that there is never a designated place for bale storage and with this they are completely out of the way, and you can't accidentally run into your stack and ruin it!

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I know American posts don't get a ton of love around these parts, but I just think Lone Oak is so good I have to make a few exceptions!

Lone Oak is finally here and I am loving it so far!

Seeding is finally done at Welker Farms!

After a bit of an absence, I am back to hopefully upload once again! Blake Farm really caught my eye since I live in Michigan, and so far it is a really great representation of what the MI farm scene is really like. I like the openness of the map, but I also like how the map is still a bit smaller than most US maps on FS. Really great job!

Another great pack by Peter and NI. Great job guys and I can't wait to see what comes next!

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