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Finally people can shut up about JD in FS. Lets see if i get banned for posting this here...

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The apprentice better have a good explantion for this

The TF looks a lot better with a brighter yellow paint

Not sure if I've uploaded this image before or not

Any good maps suitable for a tx 65 sized combine?

Got of few pics of this machine sitting pretty in the suffolk countryside. Take a guess at what it is, no google allowed! lol

Might be time to get a new truck

Sketchup mainly because I can't use blender, I guess it sort of looks like an RB16 fert buggy if you drink 2 litres of whiskey and squint

Finishing up the last of the 2018 wheat

Got the 2140 set up on the mowers

Waiting for the fog to clear, can't wait to get going with the new Bailey

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