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Another one from the new camera! Who can spot the Buzzard?

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Am I jumping the gun, or has summer arrived?

Out wrapping while the crows wreck my neighbouring oat field at White house farm.

Tedding on WHF, wish weather was like this in real life!!

Ross HP, I went ploughing. Then called it a day!

No time for FS at WHF today!!

WHF is back. Thanks Dobbin for supplying a temporary server for us and the guys to play on. Everyone is ploughing, tending to animals and so on. Good to be back with friends that we can have a laugh with!

With WHF suffering difficulties it has given me a bit if spare time to work on some mods. Lovely setup this

Off out in the muck. Suffering from a bit off server issues at WHF. Will keep you all updated om the events!

Spreading some top dressing on meadow grove farm in my T6080

And my vote goes to....... Nathan6930!

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