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An old picture I found while cleaning out the library. This field is now in poplars this was from when I had my 828 on WHF!

Another one from the new camera! Who can spot the Buzzard?

Bought a new camera and took this at sunset today! Really pleased with the quality. Something a bit different from myself!

Hauling bales in the 'Xmas tree' at WHF!

The 165! Im the Jack of all trades (But the master of NONE)

For bigger Draws you need bigger trailers! Harvesting wheat on WHF!

Sitting pretty on the Herron at WHF harvest. There are still spaces too join!

My favourite tractor on the yard!! Hay for the sheep at WHF

Selling a load of fruit from the greenhouses at WHF!

Carting woodchips for our productions at WHF. If she aint red best she stays in the shed!

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