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large dairy unit under construction

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well FS19 wont be far away and so Im waiting for that to release stuff, spent a bit of time today starting a new model. No timescales, ust like my other stuff. Its a bout the please and learning to do it, rather than the focus on release

version with old cement fibre sheeting and weathered timber cladding. I think these sheds will fit my map more. My aim is to have the types and selections available to try to show how the farm grows over the years, with stone buildings nearest the farm house and then more modern as you go out.

working on a weathered version. also including a second kit, with steeper roof angle on main section. Bit more like shed layout styles from farms Ive seen, built in 80 and 90's. Going to try to get a darker version as well, like a tar covered version

added a parlour to the back of this shed. pack odf ready made sheds really starting to come together. Cubicles, astronaut and tank are not made by myself. Designed to flow cow through milker then out to yard/field, then back in to cubicles via opening on left. Permission to use will be asked, if not, they will not be with the kit.

large dairy unit under construction

working on the new dirt planes. Made using the in game slurry texture, but tweaked in photoshop and added to a plane in blender. Also used on the walls as Im really trying to stopevery piece of concrete have the same dirt in the same places, but extra work when building up a map. hope you like

a little work this week, wanted a fairly small beef part to the farm, no slurry, just solid manure. Dairy will be over the road. Hope you like progress so far.

so to keep it realistic, the height o the silage clamp roof wil just accept a 12t silage trailer, like the Bailey. Other trailers if you can fit them through the gates will need to be tipped outside....:o

main farm starting to take shape. Only one farm on this map

progressing nicely now in GE. by having every part aligned to one point, it makes adapting the parts easy. Some buildings will be ready made, or custom make your own. No release date at the moment

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