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Got taken down last time for some reason but I think it shows the game engine's potential, so here you go

Textures need tweaking here and there but other than that I'm very pleased considering it's only the second model I've done from start to finish by myself :)

Started again as the first one really only was a rough draft, much more detail this time, and I plan on adding a bit more

Big thanks to milpol and Robbie for the help with texturing, this house I've made is really quite rough but I'm just pleased I've manage to create a texture and get it in GE, I will rework it properly with a normal map soon

Hey guys, I've been really trying to work around blender the past few days to make a cenotaph for the square in the village on my map, but I can't figure out the texturing etc. I'm fairly certain there are a few things wrong with the model too but I'm still learning and could do with some pointers, thanks :)

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