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W.I.P. Map - Frontier Design - BulletBill - Fs17 (Time to turn in for the night.)

W.I.P. Map - Frontier Design - BulletBill - Fs17 (Cows have arrived.)

Something brand new, coming from "Frontier Design" in 2018...

Case IH Magnum 380 cvx

"The West Coast" (console version) is now fully "Seasoned"... and has been submitted to GIANTS for testing.

"The West Coast" updated version for both PC and Console has been sent to GIANTS.

MF 6616, Salop 10t trailer, Valtra N Series, and New Holland Baler in background.

Valtra N Series, with New Holland round baler, "The West Coast".

Fendt 724, Amazone 6 furrow plough, "The West Coast"...

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