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Bringing in the winter barley with the CR

This is a Trebro Autostack Turf Harvester. I work at Trebro UK rebuilding these beasts. The machine scrapes up the turf, rolls it and stacks it on a pallet which it drops off the back. It would be awesome to see turf harvesting in FS, it's something a bit different but still a very big industry round here.

Pressing this evening on real life Holme Wold Farm. Got through about 40 acres of drilling but still a bit dry really

Holme Wold Farm WIP - Got the 100th field made this evening, still got about 30 more to do, all have missions on, even the weird shaped ones. Thread here:

WIP Holme Wold Farm - still cracking on with this map but been v busy with harvest irl

Bringing the last of the winter barley in last night on the real life Holme Wold Farm

939 making light work of the spring drilling with the massive Horsch Evo

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