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Ahhh. Now this brings back some memories of the awesome summer I had working in custom harvesting.

Waiting for the combines to dump on me.

Project 3 of 3 for Germantown V2. This is the vehicle shop. I have added a workshop in the back with the vehicle selling trigger. I also added lots of decorations such as logo flags, varioous tools, etc. This is the last single point on the map that I planned to edit. After this it is rebuilding the various towns, forests, adding new crops, adding some production buildings, testing the map extensively, then finally publishing the map. Might be ready in time for Christmas.

Project 2 of 3 for Germantown V2. This is the brewery. This is the last sell point to be put into place on this map, bringing the total number of sell points to 16. This place only accepts wheat, barley (with the highest price paid here), and corn. The brewery is a simple place with only a building, grain bins, a pit, and some light decoration.

1 of 3 latest projects for Germantown V2. This is the farm shop. This is a sell point for slurry, manure, woodchips, bales (but not loose), and fuel. I tried to get digestate as an accepted product, but the price does not show up on the prices and I have yet to try selling digestate here. I may add seed and fertilizer production here in the future.

Here is today's project for Germantown V2: the lumber mill. The original lumber mill from V1 just had the crane and the sawmill. I have added a warehouse, a board press, a workshop (decorative only), an office, and a fence. The lumbermill will accept logs and woodchips.

Second of two projects from yesterday for Germantown V2: the Biomass Heating Plant. This is a brand new sell point located east of Germantown. Originally this place was intended for the placeable bioheating plants. But I moved the boiler house and office that were originally there, added a set of generators, added a feed bunker for the sell trigger, and add a woodchip/equipment storage shed. There is a large area in front of the buildings that is intended for placeables or a woodchip pile, however I may add a static woodchip pile before I publish V2.

One of two projects from yesterday for Germantown V2: the Biogas Plant. I completely rebuilt this place from the ground up. There are now 7 silage pits to use and all on one place now. The gas storage, digesters, and digestate tank have been moved to be more compact. I have added 2 scales (in and out), an office, an equipment shed with fuel trigger, a fence, and a workshop.

Today's project for Germantown V2 was quite time consuming. This is the feedlot. Most of this place is brand new; only the auction barn remains the same from V1. I added a feedlot as a place to trade animals and as a sell point. I built three sets of lots for cows, sheep, and pigs. I would like to eventually add static animals to these lots. There is a set of bins that is the sell point for all grains and root crops. A bale sell point has been added next to the bins, which accepts bales, forage (from the biodiesel plant), and silage. The animal trigger to trade animals is next to the auction barn.

Another project from the other day for Germantown V2: the mill. This is sell point used be called the Co-op. I have repurposed it into a mill that would process all grains into their next useable product. The mill will only accept grains, no root crops.

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