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Today's project was rebuilding the Biodiesel Plant for Germantown V2. This is a factory that was in place in V1, but I completely reworked it from the ground up. I added loads of details, moved the triggers for some easier access. The plant takes canola (and only canola) and processes it into fuel, forage, and digestate in a 2:2:1 ratio. This means for every 5L of canola received the biodiesel plant will produce 2L of fuel, 2L of forage, and 1L of digestate.

Another project from yesterday: the elevator. This place has been entirely redone. The old mill building has been replaced, a few bins on the east side have been added, and a scale, fence with gates, and an office have been added. The elevator is a sell point and will accept all grains, but no root crops (even though it says they will in the image). The same pit is used to dump both trains and trucks/tractors.

I completed this project yesterday, but didn't have enough time to post about it. This is a NPC Dairy farm which is meant to be a sell point for hay, grass, straw, silage, and forage (loose and bales). The pasture, the manure pits/tanks, and the animal barn are just for show.

The work on Germantown V2 has moved on from farms to sell points. This latest project is an NPC hog farm with a sell point for all standard crops (grains and roots). The hog farm would then use the crops sold here as feed for the hogs. As this is alos a farm, there are some equipment sheds and a farm support shed across the road from the animal barns.

Latest project on Germantown V2: a grain farm. This is located on the southern edge of the map, just east of the 60ha monstrosity that is Field 88. Originally it was just a flat gravel patch with a single pole barn and a set of grain bins. Those are still there, but I added a couple more sheds for equipment storage, a farmhouse, and a farm support shed (seeds/fertilizer/fuel triggers). There is still a large area for placeables.

Aother project complete for Germantown V2. This is what I would like to call the vegetable farm, a farm that is for rootcrops and greenhouses (the placeable kind). I took a flat dirt lot that had just a grain bin and added a house, a couple of pole barns, a water trigger, seeds, fuel, and fertilizer. I also decided to remove about 95% of all the trees on the map; I want to redo all of the forest areas for more detail, tree variety, and hills. But that project is for another day.

More work completed on Germantown V2. Today's project was the hog farm. Not much changed around the pen itself, but I did add a water fountain close to the water trough. Across the street from the pen is all of the barns and such for the hog farm. The two feed barns were already there in V1, but I added the equipment storage sheds and the farm support shed (seed, fertilizer, and fuel). I removed the silage bunker and the grain bins that were in that location. Grain will now have to be stored on the ground in the feed barns.

Finally got done with another part of Germantown V2. This is the dairy farm after a major make over. I will let the picture do most of the explaining. The two things that cannot be seen in the picture are the pasture area and the addition of a couple of meadows. I shrunk the cow pasture considerably because I didn't want to replace all of the hedge with a wooden fence.

Here is another area that I have reworked on Germantown: the sheep farm. Here I added a loading area for the sheep with the appropriate trigger. I added a large barn for wool and hay storage and a smaller barn for equipment. There is a water fountain that is in front of the hay barn (hidden in this picture). The entire perimeter of the pasture had a hedge; I replaced this with a wooden fence. Some various vegetation and stones were also added to the pasture. The feed, water troughs, and wool spawn remain unchanged in their location.

So I finally got back into working on Germantown after a 5 month harvest run. Here is the player's farm after I reworked it. I replaced all of the existing sheds with three sheds for equipment and root crop storage. I moved the grain bins. I left some large areas in grass near the bin site; these are intended for placeables. I did add some more decorations after I took this screenshot.

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