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Chopping our maize for the BGA on NSFG.

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lagging on the dung after spuds @ NSFG

Filling up the shed over at NSFG.

Been injecting some big acres at NSFG.

Packing the last of this harvest seasons straw on oakfield for NSFG

Nice full grain sheds here @ NSFG. Still got 15ha of spring barley left to bring in, but will it fit?!

Hoovering up our spring barley at NSFG

First field of spring wheat being cut at NSFG

Stocking up the NSFG seed store ready for our spring drilling rush.

Another late one on the pelleter with Mark, trying to clear our straw before we get busy with spring tillage.

Only a few more bales of our summer straw surplus to go :p

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