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They said shed doors would be here by now.

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That shall do for now. Can you guess the map?

Map making is about thought... putting things together that you see in your mind. In the end, it comes together (no trees, fences, hedges or detail yet)

Was a good map, but time to rebuild it! farm layout is my own!

I've noticed a fair few people have asked about Black Bale Wrap. Find a download link before! The bale is from BM Modding however black texture has been done by me! It is not bright black, it's more of a worn black! There is an instruction file inside!

*** UPDATE *** Stewart Bale Trailer 1.0.1 Mainly Bug Fixes * Fixed collisons * Fixed alignment of front ladder * Removed hoses (Thanks Chocolatecake2001) * Added Beacon * Added attachment for telehandlers, now has both trailerLow and trailer setting

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