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A nice clean AO map

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All textures with exception of 2 normal maps are 100% procedural from within Blender (procedural textures can be baked to a diffuse/albedo map if desired).

Normal map for tyres from FS19

Normal map for the lens from FS19.

Decided to play with Cycles in Blender 2.8 today for recreation.

98% of the issues sorted, one has taken ages to solve. Generic versions with ratchet straps and a couple as livestock (sheep or pigs).

The line-up, Galv or Painted. With plain, plain with ramp, caged, caged with ramp.

Just some final tweaks to go before uploading.

Honestly Officer, the Ballon startled me when it swooped me.

It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it ;0)

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