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Normal map created from procedural textures and nodes with just a Low Poly model (no HP model created). I feel this has a lot of potential for buildings and objects.

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In the interest of creating a simplified method of creating wear masksusing Blender, here is a sample of what I have come up with. I hope to be able to refine it more and then post a Tutorial on the method for those interested, this would also apply to Dirt masks.

Not the usual support stand but it works. Rebranded as Giants "Lizard" brand.

Finally finished, ready for uploading to Giants so fingers crossed they accept it without to much fuss.

Decided on a variant to the traditional support when un-hitched. Once uncoupled, the unit rests on a car jack stand.

Worn and dirty, needs a wash and some workshop time.

Almost finished, minor things to complete.

Working on the dirt texture.

Finally got the wear on the rollers to where I want it.

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