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A big snow storm hit just as I was getting started on a new timber sale.

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A big snow storm hit just as I was getting started on a new timber sale.

After hauling one load of logs on this road I decided to get the snow cleared off it before trying to haul anymore.

The main road was plowed, but I slid through the turnoff and decided to take this shortcut instead. What could go wrong.

Hauling the Ponsee up to the logging unit. Even with the snow plowed off the road this was a tough haul on the muddy road.

Two Timber Runners with a dolly between them. It is as bad of an idea as it looks and I won't be hauling out this heavy again :(.

I found this abandoned road and spent a day opening it up. As soon as I get these logs loaded and stumps ground off I'm off to the Smokey Valley.

Trying out a little forestry on Bullet Bill's West Coast. I am used to 35 meter tall trees. These 14 meter spruce are like Christmas trees :).

A nice load of logs ready to go to the sawmill and chip plant. The front trailer has 4 meter chip logs and the rear trailer has 11 and 8 meter saw logs.

I got the snow plowed off this logging road and was able to haul out this heavy load of logs.

Next year I am going to move camp down to the valley before winter comes. It is going to be a cold night up here in the mountains.

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