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Trying out a little forestry on Bullet Bill's West Coast. I am used to 35 meter tall trees. These 14 meter spruce are like Christmas trees :).

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I got tired of these stupid FS19 logs tipping my log truck over. My forwarder hauls all the way to the mill now.

A nice place to build a horse ranch with some challenging mountain rides.

A screenshot from the editor showing how to use a script to render the field areas. Select the fields transform first. The fields are displayed in the 3D viewport in blue.

A screenshot from the editor showing the workAreas on a mower that need to be moved to change how wide it can mow.

Doesn't look like very good surfing, but it is a nice place for a horse ride.

A screenshot from the editor showing how to paint buyable farmland in FS19. Select Info layer paint mode with a farmland info layer. Hover the mouse over the area and press ctrl+R to set the info channels. That area will be white.

Trying out Willbobber's BalesNoRoll mod. I still had one bale get away from me, but that was just operator error.

Looks like these Brahmas are trying to eat the snow here in Montana.

I found a Ponsee Scorpion that can be used to process logs that were skidded into a deck.

Who needs a lowboy? Just thinking outside the box.

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