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A screenshot from the editor showing how to use a script to render the field areas. Select the fields transform first. The fields are displayed in the 3D viewport in blue.

A screenshot from the editor showing the workAreas on a mower that need to be moved to change how wide it can mow.

A screenshot from the editor showing how to paint buyable farmland in FS19. Select Info layer paint mode with a farmland info layer. Hover the mouse over the area and press ctrl+R to set the info channels. That area will be white.

Trying out Willbobber's BalesNoRoll mod. I still had one bale get away from me, but that was just operator error.

I found a Ponsee Scorpion that can be used to process logs that were skidded into a deck.

Who needs a lowboy? Just thinking outside the box.

A big snow storm hit just as I was getting started on a new timber sale.

After hauling one load of logs on this road I decided to get the snow cleared off it before trying to haul anymore.

The main road was plowed, but I slid through the turnoff and decided to take this shortcut instead. What could go wrong.

Hauling the Ponsee up to the logging unit. Even with the snow plowed off the road this was a tough haul on the muddy road.

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