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Getting models to look correct is trickier than anticipated, getting these little buggers to go exactly where you need them, takes patients and care both of which has little effect on most humans. Enjoy! :)

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So looking right back through my made mods, and having a look at the dates I started to model, I noticed this old timer I made back in the day!! Sorry picture is stolen from FS-UK as I no longer have one, and the size was 256 so made it a little bigger.

This map just never gets old, even in 2019

Some of my nice shots from Oakfield corn harvest

Some of my nice shots from Oakfield

Good job George Saunders was watching me through? He's a legend

One last picture before I end the day. T3 is coming along and like mentioned many more AI to come

Trying to keep everything simple, even for AI at where do you stop the level of detail just for something to see driving past every now and then! Suppose once the model is complete and it doesn't become a poly bomb, Then answers my question?

Half grill complete and main and dipped lights also complete, now time for them bulbs!!!

Had to try it as most of my fleet are the F16.

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