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Time to start adding extra paintable layers? I have only looked at Ravenport, for the paintable layers, but then decided to look at Felsbrunn, and i feel Felsbrunn has better paintable look, so adding them all into one map? Here we go!!

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So I am getting that feeling that this new 2009 map, will have some nice places to visit.

Sorry for posting so many pictures on this subject and I will stop soon, just first time I have edited a Giants map before and what best map to do ? 2009, so wanting a really good look and maybe even try and get this good old map looking like a British style map, Suppose never been made like this before as most people have guided at keeping it close to the original, Not me I am going to totally revamp this and start a WIP in good time. Thanks for putting up with my pictures. PS: This is the look I was wanting and now happy with the outcome.

Right I have added 9 more tyre tracks to the weight.png files and now happyish at the outcome, and I suppose a little more playing could get this looking okay for a paintable layer that is! These will not be within the uploaded pack but will uploaded them as a addition.

So this is nothing negative against the game as such, but I can see as time goes by, the urge to actually have a little play in the game is becoming less and less over the years. I used to be excited for the release of new the series, but seems like every time I switch it on to have a play, it's closed down very shortly. I had 23mins on Ravenport and that was just looking around, and Felsbrunn I started a game without any money and got myself a hefty bank loan and sold crops, I then harvested the fields and converted into 1 field the 2, and not really played since, just over 8 hours clocked on the game since it's release on the 20thNov, AM I alone here or is other people doing the same!

So a little messing around I got this in GE, TBH I am not 100% sure I like it, but this was a quick placement, so maybe a little tweaking you may get the look your after, That said I am not even sure I place the lines down right? but either way good or bad! it's in GE and working! maybe like mentioned not to everyone's cuppa, but when you look at it, it act's very similar to MTDA, but again not sure to add this? thoughts!

So here is a little look at the addition to which WBF mentioned, the adding of curves.corners. I could add more variants to these to make look smoother, but I personally think this will suffice. Thoughts?

So after a little doodling in my new edited map FS2009, I just can't get over how easy it is to create something we have never seen before, with very little effort indeed. I can see this map only taking 1 year instead of 2 now?? Hehe!

Combined layer which is a random Mixup of asphalt 01-04, gives a more natural and less tiled look, the tiling you can see is where i haven't painted

Sorry just to add! the difference between combined textures and standard 01-04 are as follows, Basically a more natural look rather than a tiled look. First picture is asphal01 as you can see very tiled indeed.

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