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Time to start adding extra paintable layers? I have only looked at Ravenport, for the paintable layers, but then decided to look at Felsbrunn, and i feel Felsbrunn has better paintable look, so adding them all into one map? Here we go!!

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2 new fence for Greenbale and Greenwich, from 16,000 to 2,000. Black and Galvanised

Adjustments to Welker Farms equipment as needed to make the farm like for like. These to 8230 fit just nice? Now do I make an apache sprayer !!

Just done a quick edit for the dual's and changed seat colour and fabric to leather, now to get them to dirty.

That is it for now and finished for the wheels? might edit the deck ladder as stopped it ATM as runs into tyre, may edit the deck and allow for duals? 1400!? but happy either way a working model for the Welker farm industry.

Now I believe I as well as Welker have a beast on the farm?

Now happy with my edited 1400 trelleborg tyres, and yeah there maybe ones out there already complete. but that takes the whole modelling learning out of any edit required. I may do a actual normal map later for LSW's but here's for the now.

Actually Alec after you mentioning the lugs I also thought the same? are there too many for the size? but looking at the LSW 1400 there is actually 24 lugs, and the ones I have added only have 22 lugs so better to be less than more so they say

oOOo so close just not 100% happy!

Getting closer !! Not long now before I have 1400 on my case also. I need to get this done tonight it's doing my head in now!!

Yeap happy with that for the case 8230

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