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Time to start adding extra paintable layers? I have only looked at Ravenport, for the paintable layers, but then decided to look at Felsbrunn, and i feel Felsbrunn has better paintable look, so adding them all into one map? Here we go!!

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Little more work to finish, going to try and add moving mudflaps and make a new number plate for the rear, and then some abusive testing

@Hoot Not so bad after all, having one of these come to you out in the wild? What was I thinking that they would create fear!! I mean they are harmless! right? Oh no RUN!¬!

Getting there slowly with a lot of help, Thanks guys fro putting up with me. A few things to sort and then add the decals but the driving of the trailer I am now happy with.

Small update on trailers being made, a lot of work still to do and more versions to be made. WIP here

Slowly getting there, but starting to take shape.

Trailer is getting there but still a lot to do. Work !

Getting close to a little traffic testing!!

Overtaking lanes are starting! will try and get a decent bit done tonight and then Maybe A video of all the cement trucks needed to make these maps ? Hehe!

These are them very days I am talking about? I mean just look at the graphics, They still blow me away being nearly 10 years young?

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