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Blue Scar 17 - The fields are looking tighter now and more crops to be achieved, now we have this extra space turned into soil.

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Was thinking these 2 area's here for my beet's, we will see if the owner let's me or I loose my harvest!

Just noticed the area I was on about I don't actually own? so not sure this is going to pay! Well at least I have the equipment for next time! ;)

So never playing much and now just starting to get used to driving the Holmer, was wanting a little advise for storage of beets/potatoes, prices of these always seem low, and the cost of equipment seems High? How do real life farmers make money from these if they are buying expensive equipment like the Holmer or Ropa or the Grimme, also on this map is a little waste land maybe for placeables etc: but my thinking was for storage of beets or potatos, are these just usually dumped on spare land? or placed in sheds until the sale prices come high? ATM my beets price is 382 which doesn't seem worth the effort to be frank! now that my injected money is as low as 300,000.00. I am now trying to be careful as I have my working fleet and not wanting to inject any more running money into the game. Thanks for answers

Time to get ready for BGA, bring in the trailers

Time to get ready for BGA, bring in the trailers

Just love the Scenery, Nice job. A sneaky look around the map from Petorious, Knuston hopefully coming soon to a pc near you. Sorry if the quality is poor at the beginning, did the other day then quality changed on YT for some reason!. Enjoy

Just when AI is working as intended ! nice job you's 2

Petorious has gave me the full version to try, which will hopefully be ready real soon, And now that all the fields are complete and the map is finished, I say the story for me is just beginning.

This Field of corn will suit the BGA just perfectly

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