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What a view, heading back home after a long day on the fields, time for supper and a early night.

So a little play with Substance Painter tonight, just to get the cast iron look from most Old style post boxes back in the day, the look that I have achieved is quite good for first time, and going to play around with it, baring in mind no painting of extra bits have been made, this is purely a test and see how it progresses and Think after this effort? I can see me making some old style phone boxes and park benches to suit, I am really liking the ease of SP but again like the addition of any other program, requires a little YouTube watching until you get the hang of it. Can't wait to get these into 2017 for now just to see the difference. Thanks for looking. PS: picture Far right is what I am working from

just doodling around tonight and going to start making some map objects with substance painter, PBR ready for 2019! hopefully

Blue Scare 17 - Baling is going well, just hope this Claas lasts out, not making very good noises ATM, but now money to buy new machinery yet, so will keep pushing but slowly so I don't break it.

Blue Scar 17 - Field 3 now complete, onto a little baling to clear up the field, to get this ploughed and extended also, we need more crops and a very hungry and tight farmer I am.

Blue Scar 17 - The fields are looking tighter now and more crops to be achieved, now we have this extra space turned into soil.

Blue Scar 17 - So onto Field 3 after harvest and get some ploughing done, very little money and still got all crops, but really need to resize these fields a little for next crops to pay off some loans I may need to keep going.

Blue Scar 17 - Maybe the last map I am going to try this version, and if I am Honest I am liking this map indeed, Dales_farmer well done. So these maybe the last pictures for my game play for 2017 and just a little thank you to all mappers and modellers for keeping the game going with awesome mods to play along with. So start of map and just getting ready for a little ploughing in the morning, and making the fields a little bit bigger to get the most out of the crops planted, and I am also a very poor farmer so times are hard!!

Time to get unloaded, which hopefully they were expecting me and I don't have to wait around too much! I wish can't see anyone around and the loading doors are closed? I can see me being here a while! but they best hurry up as I am on a deadline here!

Just pulling off the last slip road before entering into Luxembourg, and time to take that rest and have a little look around this beautiful place.

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