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One last picture before I end the day. T3 is coming along and like mentioned many more AI to come

Trying to keep everything simple, even for AI at where do you stop the level of detail just for something to see driving past every now and then! Suppose once the model is complete and it doesn't become a poly bomb, Then answers my question?

Half grill complete and main and dipped lights also complete, now time for them bulbs!!!

Had to try it as most of my fleet are the F16.

T3 coming along, and many more new AI traffic vehicles to be made

Maybe a lot of these would look good in game as buyable after completion, but the main aim is AI traffic. Has anyone got a clue what it is Yet! I suppose all the anoraks will already know. Many more to come and this will take a little while to complete, but think a lot of AI is not realistic enough for me, Hence the reason to make new vehicles. I intend to make 15 new vehicles fro AI and none of which are cement trucks? I mean WT* is that all about!

Going to make some new traffic vehicles

Going to make a few variations of this truck, A little disappointed to find out this is just a ripoff the Nissan Navara, but hey?? I suppose every manufacture is at it these days. So as mentioned this is going to take some time, but I want to try and add as many alterations as possible? Not sure how many the game allows, but will give it a go, and Yeah that bad boy 6x6 will hopefully be getting modelled.

So last picture for This morning!! lol Where has the time gone. Should have been a bed ages ago? Hope the wife's asleep ;) Anyways got a little part done but as you can see this is miles away from being anything ATM, Thanks for looking and might start a WIP once body and chassis completed.

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