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Getting close to a little traffic testing!!

Overtaking lanes are starting! will try and get a decent bit done tonight and then Maybe A video of all the cement trucks needed to make these maps ? Hehe!

These are them very days I am talking about? I mean just look at the graphics, They still blow me away being nearly 10 years young?

Addition pictures to previous picture post.

Addition pictures to previous picture post.

Addition pictures to previous picture post.

In 2009 I found a game By Giants that took over my life? it was on this very map and this very Field I became hooked, lined and sunk?. FS2009 fro me was my wow days, as never seen a farming sim before and was obsessed ASAP. This has led me into buying and following and devoting most my life alongside FS community and the game. I still remember the Lizard tractor in the yard with the Lizard combine and the Lizard everything? And Look what and where we are today? JD in the same field on the same map, and a completely different year. How time fly's by when so much fun is to be made. I am still Not 100% with 2019, but time will tell! time will tell. Sorry just to add a few pictures of this little paragraph will appear.

So after waking up this morning, and temperatures hitting 0° and snow started to drop at 10 am. So needing to add a little lime to my Field? which I thought! if ploughing Lime is not required, but when walking up to the Field it says NEEDS lime!, so I have got £51,000.00 left after buying all the lime and we will see how it goes? Anyways after staring this filed, it so reminded me of shifting 2cm of snow from my garage yard, so customers could drive carefully. Hehe happy snow time so they say? could have came on Christmas day for a change! but it's getting closer>? I think next year is sure to be a White Christmas Indeed.

Just a few random shots of Ploughing.

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