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Farming Simulator UK - fs mods

straight from TheJollyDodger Commercials xD

TheJollyDodger you are an absolute legend ! thanks !

as the sun sets in over Gloucestershire I sit on a 515000 l clamp of fine Cotswolds silage, it will heat your homes you eco buggers

burger wasnt enough so I left boy for a while and nipped out home for a dessert xD hey I m the boss ! right ?

just finished nearly 7 hours silage marathon, luckily my darling brought me my favorite burger ;) ta love, just dont bog the rover !

sampling the beauty of Coberley, Gloucestershire

finally sold my Polish farm, money from there wont make me a millionaire but probably will make me debt free xD

Valtra now with SmartTouch screen...still no armrest :P

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