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Thinking about early spring in the fields of "The West Coast" - back then preparing the field for the crops, and now harvesting the profit of hard work :)

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Getting the new investment started up.. We've got too many bales for the animals, so we decided to get a straw boiler - it's a win win - we don't have to transport the bales far for selling, and we can use the heat for our grain dryers.

Finally got our fuel tank for the car - now we can deliver 1100 liters of fuel directly in the field - saves a lot of time during the busy seasons.

A nice hilltop view across the valey.. Stay tuned for more phtos of the daily work by Realistic Farmers og our very own adjusted and trimmed version of OakfieldFarm..

liquid manure for the grass at Oakfield

Optimized mod to run better and with less performance usage - nice old lady, will for sure be used on Oakfield Farms

Öland Bale Trailers Release Video

Please note this is an external link that takes you away from

Homemade front weight for the old 930 TMS :)

...aaaaaaand done for today! Tomorrow is the manure going under ground :)

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