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Selby Farm EstatesV2

Farming Simulator 17
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Welcome to Selby Farm Estates FS 17,This is a fictional map with real life ideas.

- This map includes all Farming Simulator Features 17.
- This map includes 1 main farm 1 cow farm and 1 pig farm.
- 1 Sell point at BGA point etc
- 1 Wool sell point
- 1 Grain Sell Poin
- 40 Various sized fields
- 3 New models changed by my self
- Forestry,sawmill area

plenty of fantastic views for you to enjoy i really do you hope you enjoy your time at selby farm estates -Lancyboi.

Testing & quality

Some minor problems

This mod has been tested by ccs101, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Some minor problems
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Some minor problems
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Some minor problems
Textures Some minor problems
Multiplayer Untested


This map has really nice detail and a very realistic terrain layout, love the detail throughout and the addition of mud is a very nice touch, a map with great potential... however, some issues need correcting still...

There are two errors which appear in the log whenever the map loads:

Warning: Loading file with invalid case... ../FS17_selbyfarmestatesV2/maps/mods/farm_sign/
Warning: Loading file with invalid case... ../FS17_selbyfarmestatesV2/maps/mods/farm_sign/
(these are easily corrected, just ensure that the actual texture path agrees with all instances specified in the map's i3d file)

There is a white portable light in the chicken shed (caused by texture paths pointing to wrong location)

The cow nav mesh still has the same issue with mesh going through corner of wall at rear entrance (unchanged from last version), cows coming in and out walk thru the wall

There is grass still growing all through the concrete slab of the pig liquid manure, really should remove that...

The old wood shed (same style as the chicken shed) between fields 30 and 12 has the stone wall sticking through the rear side wall of the shed

When the gate to the sheep pasture opens, it phases thru the wooden fencing

Field 6 has a small hole in the terrain detail which shows the underlying grass paint, located in the south eastern section of the field, users would need a plow set to "allow create fields" to fix this

Field 11 also has a similar hole in the terrain detail layer which shows the underlying grass paint, in the southern section of the field, users would need a plow set to "allow create fields" to fix this

Field 29 shows corn is planted there, but there are potato ridges painted on the terrain instead of seeded texture (perhaps these fields are carried over from 2015, if so, the channels for seeded texture are now the ones for potato ridges, all fields so configured must be repainted to have seeded texture underneath the crops)

Fields 4, 11, 17, 21, and 40 also have the same issue, painted with potato ridges, however nothing is planted there...

Not sure if the tip collisions included in each of the "GrainBarn02" buildings have been "activated" using the ground collision map rebuild feature in GE, but if so, the white anti-tip painting around the building is no longer necessary and interferes with proper tipping... the other sheds which are at the Grain Storage area, (Shed1A) have a concrete foundation and the material which is tipped will fall through this foundation and land on the terrain beneath, meaning that some material will always remain in the shed and be unable to be removed. For proper tipping performance, the ground under any building used for tipping should be level, and it is best to use actual tip collisions (properly set up in GE) instead of relying on the white anti-tip painting on the ground around the building. This gives very poor performance for any building not at an exact right angle to the N S E W of the map...

Then there are a few visual issues which, by themselves, would not fail a map however if repairs are being made to other things, they could be done for a better overall appearance:

The "strawshed" (2 of them) sheds still have same specular file issue... really need to remove the specular file, the unnatural shine looks bad ingame, reminds of old FS 2009 and FS 2011 buildings (open the shed's i3d in notepad++ and remove the <Glossmap FileId=""> from the material and save...)

At the entrance to field 10, there is a random rusty gate standing up all by itself, no posts, fence or anything else... looks a bit strange (nice to have at least a post there for the gate to hang on)

The light switch (for the yard lights) on outside of building at starting farm a bit confusing, since it does not control the interior lights of the building it is attached to... users may question this

The main grain storage sign still has the Giants specular texture assigned to it, (which is a duplicate of the diffuse texture, only just a bit darker) this needs to be removed, since when light shines on the sign, the old original image shows thru and looks strange... (open the i3d for the sign in notepad++ and remove the <Glossmap FileId=""> statement from the material and save)

Still would be nice to have some sounds for the gates, at least the old rusty ones, very easy to add, also some sounds for the livestock at the sale barn would improve realisim as well

The northeast double gates at the cow farm go down into the ground as they open, also, about halfway up that trail there is a rusty gate hanging on nothing

All the hedges have collisions (realistic) however, all the barbed wire fences have none so you can drive right through them... not very realistic

The 4 BFC trailers at the shop are balancing on their rear wheels, the front supports not close to touching the ground (this is due to the way the model is made for the trailer, placing something such as a wood block, etc... under there will improve visual appearance)

The righthand metal gate at the entrance to field 40 is closed permanently (it is not hard, but why closed?) looks unrealistic to be able to just drive right thru it...

It would be a bit more realistic to have some grain bins or a building or fermenter or something by the grain sell point, otherwise it just drops into a hole in the ground when you sell... reminds me of Giants 2013 and 2011 sell points...

There is no silo storage on this map, definitely OK, is realistic, but this should be stated in the download description to save users from rushing around the map trying to figure out where to store their stuff...

This map will bring many hours of enjoyment, (I have really enjoyed spending time on it myself) even for those who may not prefer UK style maps... just needs a bit more TLC to be a perfect one

Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods
Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods
Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods
Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods
Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods
Selby Farm EstatesV2 in Maps - fs mods

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Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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Map Author - Lancyboi

Fs Community

RainBowDave for support & testing of my work

Landy Kid for support & testing of my work

Chris The Irish Gamer for support & testing of my work

if theres anyone i miss please inbox me & i will up date my credits.

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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