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Germantown (V1.0.0)

Farming Simulator 17
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Hello folks,

Today I give you all a mapping project that has taken me nearly two months to complete: Germantown.

This is a 4x map that is inspired by Bullgore and his MIG Map Region Celle from Farming Simulator 2013 and Farming Simulator 15. Only the field shapes, terrain, roads, hedges, and traffic splines are directly from his map, but everything else from the trees to the railroad to the starting fleet has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Now, here is what you will find on Germantown:
- a 4x map with all of the crops of the vanilla game(meaning 4 times the size in area of a default map)
- 145 fields ranging from 0.33ha to 62ha, totaling roughly 830ha (over 2000 acres), with vast amounts of forest/timber land
- 3 main farms with silos and plenty of space for placeables with sheep, pigs and cows at each, loads of extra flat spaces scattered throughout the map for placeables
- Biodiesel plant built in using Fabrik Script (gates open at 7:00 and close at 20:00); takes canola and produces fuel, forage, and digestate in a 40:40:20 ratio; fuel can be used in all vehicles, loaded into the fuel browsers, or sold to Schaible
- 12 sell points (including BGA, spinnery, biodiesel, etc.)
- Multiple silage silos, multiple silos that can be expanded
- dynamic traffic system (speeds range from 30km/h to 80km/h; WATCH OUT when you decided to travel slowly on the major roads)
- Seasons mod ready with custom seasonal temperatures built in
- A single rail line that circumnavigates the map with expanded train consist
- Gold nuggets

There are some mods that I would HIGHLY recommend if you decide to play this map by yourself and get anything done in a timely manner: Courseplay and/or AI Vehicle Extension. I would also recommend the Seasons Mod if you want a more realistic gameplay.

This is simply a first version that I have planned. I do plan to produce a second version that includes chopped straw, soil mod, or any other extras in the future, but that is for another time. :)

Please do not upload to any other mod site without the original link in place, preferably if you ask me first. Thank you.

Testing & quality

Some minor problems

This mod has been tested by ccs101, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Some minor problems
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Some minor problems
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Some minor problems
Textures Perfect
Multiplayer Untested


This is a really nice map, large and with plenty to do... it does, however, have some issues which need resolving


Error: invalid key 'KEY_O' for input event 'ANIMATED_OBJECT_OPEN_DOOR'
Warning: Missing l10 for button ANIMATED_OBJECT_OPEN_DOOR in GermantownV1
Error: invalid key 'KEY_O' for input event 'ANIMATED_OBJECT_CLOSE_DOOR'
Warning: Missing l10 for button ANIMATED_OBJECT_CLOSE_DOOR in GermantownV1
Error: invalid key 'KEY_O' for input event 'LIGHTSWITCH_CLICK'
Warning: Missing l10 for button LIGHTSWITCH_CLICK in GermantownV1


-highway at left edge of map (next to livestock sales and gas station) traffic does an abrupt 180 and heads back in,
looks really strange
-highway ending near to Co-op has traffic approach and do 180 at full speed, looks very strange
-highway at lower right edge of map (under field 148) traffic does an abrupt 180 and heads back in, road just stops a few hundred feet from tree line, looks very strange - better to have traffic go out of sight (maybe around curve, etc...)

-no markers to indicate where animal dialog box is for sheep (hard to guess where it is) pigs (pretty easy to guess) cows easy as well, but many users may prefer these be in place, since game has function to toggle on or off

-cows walk on air for a bit, just to the west and north of the large clearing and machine shed on the hill

-pigs and sheep freeze at feeding troughs - caused by nav mesh not covering the "animal places" (to fix, redo nav meshes to extend under "animal places")


-scenery road edges have grass texture, asphalt driveways etc look strange when joining...
-grass foliage in edges of paved highway in many places, would look better removed

-brown building at sheep farm has fence phasing through it, visible in a couple of spots, also, fence floating next to stable, not hard

-brown barn next to Golden Yarn Spinnery is floating on 3 sides

-machine sheds and grain storage building area across street from spinnery has very bumpy, rough lot

-maybe a set of silos at bakery sellpoint? where does the sold product go?

-at Sandligen BioGas the fermenter set is floating a bit
-blue grey house at pig farm floating
-at the Garden Center, the manure clamp is floating in the back where the ground drops off
-there is a floating oak tree behind the 3 silos (by the farm sheds) which are south of field 115
-floating tree in wooded area just south of the edge where fields 23 and 29 meet
-grain storage scenery building just east of sheep area, south of field 52, floating on south edge, has grass foliage growing inside

-tool shed and brown machine shed in same area floating on west edges
-at cow farm, brown house floating on one corner, need a scenery barrier between cow building and manure building, (maybe cattle grid) IRL cows would walk out and leave the pasture area

-at Gonnez Diary Farm, the main cow building (looks like the old "beef mod" building) should have the side door in place and closed, looks strange to be able to walk inside and have nothing in there but the old bars and rails, with grass everywhere and cow sounds?

-Same issue at Bell Hog Farm, except no grass inside hog building... could just use the door which came with the old mod buildings, or wall it off so users cannot walk inside

-at train silo just south of hog farm, grass growing in dump chute area inside elevator building

-at Nordzuckers in the back, next to the dump point, there is terrain coming through where the steps go down under the conveyor

-at the Brockel Co-op, behind the silos, there is a very pronounced pyrimid of terrain sticking up

-at the north edge of field 92, the terrain detail layer (or perhaps the field definition is not accurate enough in this spot) goes over the little cliff, making crops grow at almost a right angle, impossible to harvest or work with

-at Eurogoodies the foundation of some of the buildings flickers badly (raising by about .006 will fix) also, grass in concrete

-several random patches of missing grass foliage throughout the map

With these fixed, will be an awesome map to spend many hours farming on...

Germantown (V1.0.0) in Maps - fs mods
Germantown (V1.0.0) in Maps - fs mods
Germantown (V1.0.0) in Maps - fs mods
Germantown (V1.0.0) in Maps - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

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Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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- leifege640
- Bullgore: base map, field layouts, signs, roads, hedges, traffic splines, Sugar Beet plant
- augwl: biodiesel plant
- Marhu and kevin98: Fabrik Script (used in biodiesel plant)
- Giants Software: houses, barns, assets from FS17, FS15, and FS13, sounds from FS17, FS15, FS13, and SRS12, and of course the game itself :P
- Marhu: schweinemast buildings, cow and pig sounds
- teccer: farm sheds from his Farm Shed Pack
- SCS Software: for a couple of names of sell points

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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