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Perkiomen Valley

Farming Simulator 17
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I grew up on a dairy farm. We had Guernsey cows for milking and a few Black Angus for meat along with many other animals. All were grass fed so we did a lot of hay bales. Dad would always push to get 4 grass cuttings a year. Every summer we would fill every square foot
of the loft with hay bales.

Map is error free.
Missions and all other map functions are working.
Start vehicles have been upgraded.
Reset vehicles (loadPlace) is at the farm.
You start with fields marked G-1 through G-6. G-1,2,5,6 are grass G-3 barley and G-4 wheat.
All animals are at the farm. Thanks to invisible fencing the cows and sheep get to graze and seek shade to the woods.
Added fuel trigger to farm.(see photo)
There is free water at the stream east of the farm marked Water in blue print.
The 3 RR storage silos and the farm storage silo capacities have been increased.
Added 3 red barn's to sell bales and windrow. Also removed collision from red barns so now you can tip auto bale wagons inside. Just drive through.

Happy Farming

Testing & quality

Some minor problems

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Perfect
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Some minor problems
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Perfect
Textures Perfect
Multiplayer Untested


A very nice map layout, good to have all the animals close to the main farm like this... only a few issues: visually, there is grass growing through almost all the feed troughs and water troughs for the animals as well as the sidewalks around the main farmhouse, easy fix in GE. Also, there is a floating help icon (for a water fountain) floating by itself near the little hill by field G-3... looking in GE there are two more nearby, one in the field itself, not used so they do not show in game. There is an extra animal navmesh in the bottom of the scenograph... this is due to not having the pig nav mesh selected when choosing "re-create" to make the edits to the mesh... this, in fact, will do nothing to the original mesh, only create a brand new one in the same spot, but having no effect since it is not in the animal husbandry areas. The final issue is the PDA map... it is accurate in only about half the areas on the map, and most of the roads do not show at all... it appears to have been edited, possibly for a different version of the map, since the scale of the accurate portions is still correct. Other than these issues, a very nice edit of the default Goldcrest map

Perkiomen Valley in Maps - fs mods
Perkiomen Valley in Maps - fs mods
Perkiomen Valley in Maps - fs mods
Perkiomen Valley in Maps - fs mods
Perkiomen Valley in Maps - fs mods

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Overall rating: 3/5 stars

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