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Dynamic Bale Density v1.17

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This mod introduces dynamic baler capacity to increase realism.
The density of bales will vary depending on type of crop, weather and baler.

Big Square balers: +50%
Bailing wet grass: -15%
Baling in bad weather: -33% to -0% (depending on time since rain)

Crop yield will remain unmodified.
Only the amount inside each bale is affected, and thereby the number of bales produced in a field.
This mod does not alter the physical weight of bales.

Additionaly, this mod will increase selling price (by 50%) of straw, hay and grass if compressed in a bale.

You will make more money from selling bales with this mod, you get paid for the amount inside the bale +50% for it being compressed.
The price increase does not cancel out the density increase, but works on top of it.

If you make a big square bale with this mod (in good weather) that bale will be worth more than double (225%).

How will this change my game experience?
If you make bales in a sensible way, you will be rewarded.
But if you decide to make bales in a rainstorm, you will have more work to do.
Bottom line is: bale what is dry to get less moisture and more product inside each bale.

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Works as expected

Dynamic Bale Density v1.17 in Game Scripts - fs mods
Dynamic Bale Density v1.17 in Game Scripts - fs mods
Dynamic Bale Density v1.17 in Game Scripts - fs mods

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