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- Upgraded to FS17 and changed version-numbering-scheme due to ModHub

What can this mod be used for?

With all the additional key-controls that modern vehicles and implements now has, it is not always feasible to switch between keyboard, mouse and steering-wheel all the time, as it may cause driving errors or worse...

So to look quickly around, this QuickCamera mod introduce "quick-tap keys" for both cabin camera and external cameras of a vehicle.

Make sure you go into 'Options' - 'Controls' in the game, and assign your own keys to the "QuickCam:Look..." actions.

Now in-game, quick-tap the key that you assigned to the 'QuickCam:Look 45° Left' action, and the camera will rotate to the next 45-degree angle to the left, and so too for the 'QuickCam:Look 45° Right' action.

To look backwards, quick-tap the key that you assigned to the 'QuickCam:Look backward' action, and like so for the 'QuickCam:Look forward' action. You can also toggle between looking forward/backward by assigning a key to the 'QuickCam:Toggle look for/back' action.

If the selected camera is capable of zooming, a quick-tap on your 'QuickCam:Zoom out' key, will cause it to zoom out 15 units at a time. And likewise for your 'QuickCam:Zoom in' key.

Default action/key assignments:

RIGHT - Look 45° right
LEFT - Look 45° left
UP - Look forwards
DOWN - Look backwards
END - Toggle look forwards/backwards
PAGE-UP - Zoom in
PAGE-DOWN - Zoom out


This mod's script files MAY NOT, SHALL NOT and MUST NOT be embedded in any other mod nor any map-mod!

Please do NOT upload this mod to any other hosting site - I can do that myself, when needed!

Keep the original download link!

Problems or bugs?

If you encounter problems or bugs using this mod, please use the support-thread.

Known bugs/problems/ToDo:
- Because this QuickCamera mod does not override the normal camera movement script, there might be a little movement first, before the camera snaps into position - IF you have assigned the same keys as for the normal look left/right/up/down.
- Sometimes when snapping to look forward/backward, the camera-rotation may rotate several times quickly. There's some math that I still haven't quite figured out how to solve.

Testing & quality

Tested by ModHub

This mod is hosted on the Farming Simulator ModHub.

Because of the Modhub's strict guidelines, it is assumed that this mod is perfect and without errors.

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QuickCamera in Game Scripts - fs mods
QuickCamera in Game Scripts - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

You can leave feedback for this mod once you've downloaded it. If you have any issues with using the mod, please view the support topic.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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- Decker_MMIV
- DLH007, _dj_, Gonimy-Vetrom, jules.stmp537, Ziuta, xno

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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