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MoreRealistic - Full package - V1

Farming Simulator 2011
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FIRST, some important points :
- please ensure you run the game with the latest patch from Giants (2.2 for the no-platinum version) =>
- All the genuine vehicles (DLC included) are removed from the store. you can't buy them anymore nor sell them with the "moreRealistic" mod in your mod folder.
- "Profarm" vehicles are not removed from the store, but they are not "moreRealistic" either.
- any other mod you want to use with the "moreRealistic" should be converted first.
- Please read the manual before requesting support.
you can find it here :

To install this mod, you need to unzip the file archive and put the 4 files in your mod folder :
- "" => the "moreRealistic" engine.
- "" => all the genuine vehicles converted to moreRealistic ones (and a few new vehicles).
- "" => the genuine map with moreRealistic starting vehicles.
- "" => the moreRealistic version of the "alternative tipping".

what is the moreRealistic mod ?
it is a "total conversion" of the genuine game, but without changing the map or the equipment.
when you look at it, it is nearly the same as the genuine game.
when you play it, it is very different.

here is a small list of the changes (non exhaustive list since i can't remember all i have done - sorry -) :

** "BUGS" fixes **

- "speedScale" was wrong in "steerable" class (when you drive a combine, the speed displayed is wrong when using the speed 1, 2 and 4)
- "autorotatebackspeed" was not taken into account

- general physic (vehicle, bales)
- the straw elevator now works properly
- all the "moreRealistic" things have their true mass
- fuel consumption now depends on the engine load, not the distance driven...
- the motor sound is now dependant of the load and the speed
- a 2 wheel drive vehicle is no more 4wd in the game... (lizard 422, 2850 for example)
- vehicles and implements prices have been ajusted like in real
- vehicles center of gravity have been set "properly"
- there is no more a minimum of 10% of gas in the gas-tank when you load a savegame
- an out of gas vehicle will have no more hydraulic, steering
- workers use gas and seeds
- workers stop the combine engine when waiting too long (to avoid "sucking" the gas tank)
- improved "regulator" : no more cheating with torque and acceleration speed function of level engaged
- bales have a random mass (and so, a different sale price. sort of bale and straw "type" are also taken into account for the sale price)
- all the genuine vehicles are 1:1 now
- seeding density and seed price (fully loading the seeder with canola is no more needed when going to seed ;) ) => the seeder is emptyied when we select another seed (and the remaining

seeds are sold). it is no more possible to seed different plants without reloading the seeder.
- the price of harvest, fertilizer and gas have been modified
- trailers can transport manure and silage
- trailer capacity depends on the transported element (we can load more manure than wheat in the same trailer, when talking in liter)
- when discharging, pressing the "A" key stop the trailer (pressing another time make it go down)
- discharge speed now depends on the door (% open), the fill level and the lift %
- when we load the manure bucket, it can be loaded between 90% and 110% (random)
- the attacher part of the telescopic is know properly set horizontally (small offset wit hthe width of the telescopic, like in reality)
- telescopic and tractor buckets have been resize
- forks length and width have been modified
- a sprayer equipment continue to spend fertilizer when going too fast (but the fertilizer is wasted)
- combine cutter do not cut when raised
- new genuine combines discharge particle system

** ADDING **
- grip management : a light tractor will spend more power slipping than an heavier one
- less grip during or after rain
- gas tank level is taken into account for the mass calculation
- "fillable" load is now properly taken into account (depending on the density of the load). it works for balers too. a full loaded trailer of corn will weight much than the same trailer

full of silage.
- rolling resistance and air resistance function of the mass and SCx
- wheels can blocked when braking
- brakes now take into account the total mass and speed of the vehicle
- pto equipment consume power when active (function of material "cut" for mowers, balers, combine cutter etc)
- engaging/disengaging the front axle is no more for fun ;) (you gain grip but lose some power at high speed)
- over power management possible like on some tractors and combine (when pto works, or at a certain speed, or when discharging grain)
- new "realisticGasTank" class for mobile gas-tank trailer. (need to be filled at the farm)
- wheels can "sunk" into the ground, depending on the dynamic load on the wheel
- the 7545 corn picker is no more available in the shop (not symetric, too much work to make it realist)
- lift height now vary depending of the attached equipement
- when attaching an equipement on the 3-point hitch, the hitch place itself at the same height (to avoid the vehicle going through the sky when attaching an equipment on a trailer => very

convenient for combine attaching their header)
- combine are more or less efficient at the field : there are grain losses
- it is now possible to attach fixed front ballast on tractor without front hitch (lizard 422 and 2850)
- possibility to use a modified version of the alternative tipping fom ls-uk (no more "aiCollisionTrigger" or normal "tipTrigger" bug. shape different function of the grain, etc)
- new fix front mass in the shop for lizard tractors
- new mobile gastank in the shop (lifted and trailer)
- new corn cutters headers (4, 6 and 8 rows)
- workers now dismiss themselves when you have no more money (or no more seed when seeding)
- speed proportionnal flow is active on sprayer equipement (the faster you go, the quicker you use fertilizer or manure)
- new "fertilizerMobileTank" for fertilizer trailer (need to be filled at the farm first). a "fertilizerMobileTank" can fill itself from another one
- new fertilizer trailer in the shop (17M3 => about 25T fully loaded)
- random station fruit price multipliers (so that this is not necessarily the same station that pays the most)
- the moreRealistic engine can handle manual gearbox, manual shuttle, manual parkbrake and manual accelerator
- plough do not "work" the ground when lowered, if not moving (useful to be able to lower the plough at your farmyard before detaching it)

** Misc **
- no more possible to go up the hill with a small tractor and 35T behind
- we can see and feel the difference between an empty trailer and the same fully loaded
- there is no more physic bug that double the power of the tractor when it is driving only on its back wheels
- no need for "strawmod" to load and transport bales
- no more possible to lift any equipment with any tractor (ballasts are often needed like in reality)
- make good choice when ballasting (more weight = more fuel consumption, less weight = less grip)
- no more need for "speedlevel" when working in the field : most of the time, its the power available that will limit the job speed
- all tractor have a special vario gearbox :
* true "vario", not a full powershift with many speeds
* no need to specify a max rpm (we just need to specify the max power of the motor)
* very reactive => good acceleration
* it can withstand huge torque at low speed
* possibility to tow extrem load : the grip is the limiting factor
- no more possible to harvest at 15km/h (except if a big combine on a small header or not harvesting the full width of the header)
- the moreRealistic mod is fully compatible with mac environment

Testing & quality

This mod has not been tested by FS-UK.

MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods
MoreRealistic - Full package - V1 in Other - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

You can leave feedback for this mod once you've downloaded it. If you have any issues with using the mod, please view the support topic.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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Giants for this great "sand-castle" game
"" for publishing most of the LS lua scripts (not all the scripts, but they can't distribute all the source code to competitors...)
"", "", "", "" for their database on farming simulators
"Bayn" for its devotion on leading people to make 1:1 scale mods
"SFM" and "ls-uk modteam" for the genuine "alternative tipping" mod

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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