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Farming Simulator 2011
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Hello everyone.

Here is a new version of the Holland Farm Map The remake V3
We have the folder completely caught on and changed the name to
LS farming v1 DLC2

What has changed in the map : new texture for the crops.
The bugs are removed and the mapfruittrigger now works.
Everything has completely changed, the default folder is left alone again being edited.
You can now use manure and liquid manure on the fields.
Sales in the harbor. You can now also buy manure and liquid manure on the cowsfarm.
A working pda folder so that you can now see where you ride and where you should be.
Signposts along the road with signs
It is now possible for you to sell bales in the bale storage
A working bga bunker

In the LS farming v1 DLC2 is much to find and do:

Standard fruits + potatoes,sugar beets, sunflowers, sand, beer, bread.

You can now sell your milk at the milk factory.
A garden center where you can sell grass and corn.
2 farms.
Stables with cows that you can feed with the compound feed wagon.
Stable doors can open barn doors that open.
A brewery where beer can now retrieve and bring to the store.
At the bakery you can now pick your bread and bring to the store.
At the country trade yoe can sell the standard crops and sunflowers.
A shop.
1 village.
50 Pastures.
A storage area for your crops for wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, sunflowers.
Fertilizer is now working.

For those who have the dlc there is a large greenhouse complex you can choose everything set up how you want it with a water stream for greenhouse watering.

Texture in this folder:
Milk factory with advertising campina.
Shop adjusted to Albert Heijn.
Shop logo on the front side of the business in NL.
Heineken Brewery with logos on crates and texture of the building.

These are the required mods to use for the folder:


Size of the folder is 172 MB

Credits : Mike & Robie

The folder may only be downloaded, uploaded to other sites NOT PERMITTED

Thanks go to all modders buildings and objects that you have created
Have respect for the modmakers

For questions and comments:

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LS-farming_v1_DLC2 in Maps - fs mods

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Credits : Mike & Robie

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