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John Deere 48 Bale Stacker in Baling Technology - fs mods

John Deere 48 Bale Stacker

Farming Simulator 2011
Baling Technology
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I bring to you today a brand new autostacker fresh out of my custom shop. Watch out the paint may still be wet!

I made a new skin, and have made it scriptable. I have added a full complement of beleuchtungV31 lights and a full washable kit. I put alot of time polishing this mod and it is as optimized as possible for slower systems. Redundant controls are listed in the README.TXT and will not show in the help menu. It takes a little while longer to get dirty than the standard. There are no bugs or log errors. I hope you enjoy this fictitious mod that I envision JD might offer in their premium line.

B - Workmode
O - Deck Functions
F - Running Lights
Numpad1 - Left Signal
Numpad2 - Hazard Lights
Numpad3 - Right Signal
Numpad5 - Balelight

This is my first upload, I would appreciate some feedback, this was 100x more work than I would have dreamed of when I started.
Upload wherever you like but please include the original link. Decent download numbers here on LS-UK will ensure another mod!


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John Deere 48 Bale Stacker in Baling Technology - fs mods

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Angel P - Model
TOUROK - Model
MaddogBC - skin/scripting
Special thanks to Sven777b and Manuel Leithner for their amazing work with LUA\'s.

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