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Government Subsidy

Farming Simulator 19
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5mo ago
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4 / 5 stars
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Realismus Modding (theSeb)
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Place this on your farm to receive a government subsidy.

Income per hour is based on economic difficulty

Easy: 150000
Medium: 100000
Hard: 80000

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Government Subsidy in Placeables - fs mods
Government Subsidy in Placeables - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

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Overall rating: 4/5 stars
Mizana - 4/5 stars

Works as described, but kind of breaks a serious play-through.
The idea is great and feels like it could work for a serious game very well in a 'lore-friendly' manner, however there needs to be a drawback to having it in that case.
In general, I found the rate of money flow way too high. By the end of a game day I found myself with 3 Million after buying several new tractors, combines, and land. I found myself thinking, "We're not even done harvesting our first field yet, why are we even trying?"
So long story short, a 'Daily' instead of hourly option would be highly appreciated!


Realismus Modding

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