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A Basic Guide to UV Mapping in Blender

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A Basic Guide to UV Mapping in Blender using Blender 2.79 for new users with a basic understanding of how to use and navigate Blender with a farm-sim theme. PDF format document with plenty of images with a step by step sequence and a blend file of the model used to practise with and get to grips with creating a UV map for textures, AO, Normal maps and the importance of correctly unwrapping a model to maximise texture use.

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An excellent tutorial showing how to create and optimize UV maps in blender and much more!

A Basic Guide to UV Mapping in Blender in Other - fs mods

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Overall rating: 5/5 stars
Dogface - 5/5 stars


Hoot - 5/5 stars

I've read many tutorials on this subject, but this one is the best I have seen at putting everything together for Farming Simulator.

ninja02 - 5/5 stars

excellent Milpol, this comes in very handy for beginner modellers

wowa - 5/5 stars
nielsen362 - 5/5 stars

thank you for your great work


Thanks to all those who know who they are that were test guinea pigs for this tutorial. Thanks guys.

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