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Gwenddwr V2

Farming Simulator 17
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Croeso i Gwenddwr! Welcome to Gwenddwr!

This map is based on a real place, the village of Gwenndwr, in Powys Wales just South of Builth Wells. It's a small livestock focused map with 42 fields of mostly grass and some arable ground. The fields are mostly small with a few of medium size. There are three farms, a dairy with chickens, a pig farm and the sheep farm which is part of the village. There is a small equipment dealer in the village and players can sell crops and livestock at the local Hay and Brecon Farmers Co-Op. The farms are all located and based on the real farms with additional buildings, etc. added for playability.

- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features and is based on the Frontier Design Starter Map.
- Seasons and Grazing Animals and Hose System mod ready.
- Custom crop, ground, and foliage textures.
- Animated Gates, Doors, and Lights.
- Custom sky textures, Multi Terrain Angle added, and Chopped Straw added.
- Use the Feed Mill for making Pig Feed.
- 4 Mission Fields, check the For Sale Sign to see which ones are Mission ready.

The feed mill is located at Hay & Brecon Farmers. The numbers and markings on the floor next to the mill dump grate show where to dump each ingredient type. The pig food recipe at this mill doesn't require root crops if you don't want to grow/feed them. Once the mill has all three ingredients it will start making pig feed. When the mill is working you will see feed amount increase, ingredient amounts decrease and the mill display will light up. The mill machinery will also make sounds. It takes time to make feed so once it starts go find other things to do. If you are in a hurry/impatient speed time up.

Required Mods:
Chopped Straw:

Recommended Mods:

Grazing Animals:

Seasons GEO: Wales (use only if you want an extra challenge!)

Hose System:

Version Map Changes:
- New Cow Yard to optimize/fix tip collisions, manure plane, dirt areas, and silage clamp
- New BGA to optimize/fix sliage clamp. It will now empty without using Silo Cleaner mod.
- Gates now open more, so they no longer stick out into the fields.
- Hose System Mod ready!
- Grazing areas are now less rectangular/fit the pastures and managed to increase grazing capacity a bit for cows and sheep.
- Numerous fixes throughout the map.

Have Fun!

This map was created for download from FS-UK only. Please keep the original link.

Testing & quality


This mod has been tested by aston, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Perfect
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Perfect
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Perfect
Textures Perfect
Multiplayer Untested


Gwenddwr V2 as the earlier releases is a very nice real area map based in Wales. All bugs and errors have all been fixed in this latest version with a welcome addition of a muck pit and Hose mod support, these two factors add even more to this wonderful map.It has been a pleasure to test this map for you gnftr04.

A new save game is required for this version.

Many thanks


Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods
Gwenddwr V2 in Maps - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

You can leave feedback for this mod once you've downloaded it. If you have any issues with using the mod, please view the support topic.

Overall rating: 5/5 stars
fabio braga - 5/5 stars

the best map that i play so far for fs17

LoneWolf FD - 5/5 stars

A fine Map. Top Stuff.

wilbear - 5/5 stars
MetalGovy - 5/5 stars

Fantastic map :-)!

SwissCheese - 5/5 stars

Top Quality Map

JimmytheGeek - 5/5 stars

This is a fantastic map, and I'm not one to go for the smaller ones. Kudos to gnftr04!

danishtramp - 5/5 stars

Perfect small map for running old style equipment and enjoying low stress farming

Freddie Nicholson - 5/5 stars

My fav map for fs17
Perfectly suits my play style.
Very neat.

GlengarBoy - 5/5 stars

Awesome map, one of the best for FS17! :D

Mr_Mazzony - 5/5 stars

Awsome map. Loving the tight roads and small fields.

Totenfarmer - 5/5 stars

Really great map, well thought through on the farm setups, which imo makes this the best british map yet for FS17 :)

trustywren - 5/5 stars

In FS17, I like to get completely immersed in a map, cranking up the realism and playing deliberately slow seasons, with a small farm, using small equipment. Therefore I'm incredibly picky about which maps I play on. I love maps with unique, immersive flavor, and a high level of polish. The latest version of Gwenddwr meets all of my picky, crabby-old-man standards. It's amazing. Along with The Old Stream, Lone Oak, and maybe Oakfield, it's quickly become of my go-to favorites for FS17; possibly my #1. The optimization's good, and the handful of bugs from previous versions have been squashed. I'd be hard pressed to come up with much negative criticism at all; a little traffic might be nice (maybe; I don't mind the quiet country roads), and there's still a little sinkhole under one of the buildings near the sheep pasture. But it's about as close to a perfect map as I've seen. Thanks for all your hard work, gnftr04!

milpol - 5/5 stars

Very nice and atmospheric.

Fastrac Johnny - 5/5 stars

One of the best maps for 17

steves mods - 5/5 stars

i just had to download map again i love it , thank you from paine & sons contractors

Norfolk farmer - 5/5 stars

Great map.

BulletBill - 5/5 stars

Fantastic Mid-Wales map.

crillo05 - 5/5 stars

ES AGRI - 5/5 stars

Perfect size tight lanes all what you want for a good british map


Thanks to Frontier Design for their excellent Starter Map and ccs101 for his help with the finishing touches to the map.

Special Thanks to Aston for help with testing and ideas for V2!

Also a huge Thank You to everyone on Frontier Design Slack channel for all the help and encouragement they provided while making this map!

Feed Mill:

Map Objects, Sounds, Textures and Scripts:
RWModding (robbie)
"clipDistanceFPS" by Ian898 - Frontier Design
NI Modding
Team Wild (Max Wild)
Realistic Farmers
reallogger - Realismus Modding
Niggels - VertexDezign
ShyWizard (tutorials)

If I missed anyone in the credits please send me a PM so I can add you to them. Without the work of all these excellent modders this map would not be possible. Thank you!

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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