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Letton Farm

Farming Simulator 17
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Welcome to Letton Farm!

This map was originally intended for Modding Mania 2018.

This map is based in England, fictional, yet with real life inspiration taken from East of Herefordshire. A small livestock focused map, with 19 playable fields covering just over 19 hectares, with 6 arable fields and 13 grass fields. With every field being around 1 hectare they are ideal for 3m equipment. There are 4 yards on the map, a storage with bale sell point, a arable yard with chickens, dairy & sheep. There is also a small placeable yard located on the minimap. There is a small equipment dealer near the hamlet and farmers can sell crops, manure & wool and livestock at the Wynstay stores.

- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features and is based on the Frontier Design Starter Map.
- Seasons mod & Hose Mod ready.
- Custom crop, ground, and foliage textures.
- Animated Gates and Lights.
- Custom sky textures and Multi Terrain Angle added.

Testing & quality


This mod has been tested by gnftr04, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Perfect
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Perfect
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Perfect
Textures Perfect
Multiplayer Untested


Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods
Letton Farm in Maps - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

You can leave feedback for this mod once you've downloaded it. If you have any issues with using the mod, please view the support topic.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars
fabio braga - 5/5 stars

look s good

Dumbo_123 - 5/5 stars

Minttttt map! 10*'s

CP Farm Services - 5/5 stars

been waiting for this for a long time and I can definitely say that it didn't disappoint me. Keep up the great work Louis

Mod Addict - 5/5 stars

For a first map I think you did a splendid job and look forward to more in the future!

adde1977 - 4/5 stars

For ur first map here its very nice done,thank u for giving it to us to play on and im looking forward for more things from u.

xBlur - 1/5 stars

Be great if the map was properly tested. Mod conflicts stopping the game from loading, managed to get it to load and then burnt my eyes with the bugs :/

ManxAgri - 1/5 stars

Where o' where do i start, From the Atrocious optimization issues where its almost impossible to get a non-juddery frame rate combined with the dodgy textured objects. Terrain issues aswell as field defs way out of alignment. Nearly getting hungup on everygate due to improper sized collision boxes. Some weird type of snow flicky effect on the roads which is just offputting. Invisible walls everywhere so even entering a field is a a pain. Poorly done boundaries with the dodgy objects from the 13' days. Need i mention the massive sinkhole in the field?

All in all quite a poor map which falls miles off the supposed standard of this website let alone all the "hype" regarding this map.

mfaulkner772 - 5/5 stars

mint map louis well done

Kebabas - 5/5 stars

Awesome map!

shuffy - 3/5 stars

Too many issues to enjoy to be honest ... lovely idea but needs more thorugh testing .. i am surprised the almighty daggerwin didnt pick anything up ... sigh

Dal - 4/5 stars

Great Little map Louis , sheep yard is really nice and small will be fun getting in and out of there , Great work

Bambie - 5/5 stars

Good Map Louis Well done :)

DM86 - 5/5 stars

Well done, for a first map its a great effort & has lovely details.

Dannyy - 5/5 stars
PhilG82 - 5/5 stars

Lovely little've done a great job seems as it's your first map. Well done fella

Ben_7810 - 5/5 stars

very very very nice map!

FarmingBoi - 3/5 stars

Very good for a first map, however, there are some pretty big issues. Hopefully they'll be fixed soon!

RL.Dan - 4/5 stars

Very Good map you have produced here Louis. An all round good map for smaller equipment, though some minor bugs. 4*

Flashgasm - 2/5 stars

many issues...mod conflicts i never seen before, lua error log spam...its a nice looking map but needs fixing!

adamp89 - 5/5 stars

A superb little map thats fast becoming one of my favourites

imHarold - 2/5 stars

Rather disappointing for the hype. Bugs / collisions / not tested well / optimized etc

björnn - 5/5 stars

really nice map :)

FarmerG18 - 3/5 stars

Great looking little map with plenty of issues. Do the testers really "test" the maps, or do they just play on them for a couple of days? Hopefully issues will be fixed in the near future. Until the I think Gwenddwr is the best bet for this style of map.

pixelwarrior - 5/5 stars

Great map love some of the little quirks in the map like the hole in one of the fields. Also love that its a small map i wish more modders would do some small maps like this. There was a slight issue with getting it to work with some mods but i think that why on my fault due to not playing game for over 6 months.

NigelUK56 - 4/5 stars

I love this little map. But there are some issues & I hope the creator does an update to fix them. Good job for your first map. Do not think many could do this well :)

Nick75 - 5/5 stars
ethanc311 - 1/5 stars
stripe21 - 5/5 stars

really really nice map, perfect for running the modern classics dlc :)

Predator420 - 5/5 stars

Absolutely love this map!!! Great job Louis7810

soapyjames - 1/5 stars

below expectations to say the least, optimized poorly, terrain errors. Poor overall.

jacob n - 4/5 stars

LexRock - 3/5 stars
BlurredUpload - 4/5 stars

Overall an amazing map, just needs some refurbishments on the issues.

ChrisM869 - 5/5 stars

Great map!

hult - 5/5 stars


AdityaGamer - 4/5 stars

Can you make it work on FS15 Plzz i will rate u five star if u do that

Ilikefs17 - 5/5 stars

love this map


Thanks to Frontier Design for their amazing Starter Map.

Main testers:

Also a huge Thank You to ShyWizard (tutorials) and helping me fix some bugs.

Map Objects, Sounds, Textures and Scripts:
RWModding (robbie)
Realistic Farmers
reallogger - Realismus Modding

For copyright problems, please contact [email protected]

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