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Fliegl DPW Pack

Farming Simulator 17
Flatbed / Bale
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1y ago
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Fliegl DPW Pack

Together with Ifko[nator] and more than outstanding support by our team, this great pack has been created.

Current content:

  • DPW 150

  • DPW 180

  • DPW 150 Tandem

  • DPW Semitrailer

  • DPW Cartrailer 1-Axle

  • DPW Cartrailer 2-Axle

  • DPW Dolly

  • MAN TGS 26.480 with DPW150 construction

  • Tatra Phoenix with DPW150 construction

  • Lizard Truck with DPW150 construction

  • Fliegl IT Runner platform

Configurations in shop:

  • Choice of color - Chassis

  • Choice of color - Cab (truck only)

  • Choice of color - Rims

  • Choice of color - Underrun protection

  • Up to 3 wheels (semi trailer only 2 / steering axle for tandem, semi and trucks)

  • Straight, roundbale or timber-construction (+Sides +Big construction for car-trailer)

  • Wooden or metal floor (not for car-trailer)

  • Stripping edge

  • Normal, UAL, UAL-HBR, WAL (WoodAutoLoad)

  • Interior (truck only)

  • Light pack (truck only)

  • Underrun protection (not for truck and cartrailer)

  • Mud guards


  • Extendable rear section (additional ~1.5m) - not for car-trailer

  • Foldable ramps for car-trailer (currently only usable without addional construction)

  • Tension belts

  • UAL-Script - automatic loading (round bales, square bales, HD-bales, BigBales, pallets, big pallets (Wood), 1,4m bales, 1,5m bales) - capacity is shown in shop

  • - Manual adjustment of unloading position
    - New unload marker
    - Four additional loading options for HofBergmann Reloaded (see details below)
    - Capacity is shown in hud
  • WoodAutoLoad-Script

  • - Max. log lenght can be extended by unfolding backpart
    - Current max. log lenght is shown in hud
  • DynamicHoses (for attached trailers too)

  • HUD for UAL (current/max filllevel) und WAL (max. log length)

  • Numberplates MW Design

  • Light with particle effect (7:00-20:00 + fog)

  • RUL (not for car-trailer) with particle effekt (7:00-20:00 + in fog)

  • New config icons

  • New shop icons

  • New schema icons

  • Mouse controlled draw-bar (car-trailer only)

  • New shop-category

  • Passenger script

  • ExtendedTruckFunctions (truck only)

Recommended UAL positiones for Hof Bergmann Reloaded

Loadingmode Goods
Pallets /// biogas pallet, compost pallet, egg carton pallet, salad pallet, money bag, piglets pallet, cabbage pallet, silo tires, tomato pallet, wood chips pallet, wool pack, wool pallet
apple/chicken box /// apple box, chicken box
milk/veg./rennet/bat. /// battery, veg-canister, salat, milk can, cabbage
butter/cheese/egg/trash /// butter barrel, cheese, egg box, trash
geese/chicken feed /// goose-/chicken feed bags

Recommended max log lenght:

Trailer /// max. length normal /// max. length with unfolded rear section
DPW150 /// 7m /// 8,5m
DPW180 /// 10m /// 11,5m
DPW150Tandem /// 7m /// 8,5m
DPW Semi /// 10m /// 11,5m
MAN /// 7m /// 8,5m
Tatra /// 7m /// 8,5m
Lizard truck /// 7m /// 8,5m
DPW IT Runner /// 7m /// 8,5m

FAQ/known issues:

  • Currently it is not possible to put goods (using UAL) on the extended rear section of a trailer -> could be done somehow, but that could cause problems.

  • When loading logs and unfolding the rear section, they may move since to dynamicMountAttacher is moved at the same time

  • DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME if you have still goods loaded via UAL -> this may cause particle symstem to show permanently/weight is calculated wrong/etc

  • Prevent using timber construction with UAL OR other constructions with WAL -> it works but not in a good way -> who would even do that ;)

  • Tension belts only work of you unload your goods on the trailer (if still locked with UAL, it will not work)

Testing & quality


This mod has been tested by Patrick, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

View test report

Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Perfect
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Perfect
Physics Perfect
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Perfect
Textures Perfect
Multiplayer Untested


This is a very nice mod, lots of really good features.

Fliegl DPW Pack in Flatbed / Bale - fs mods
Fliegl DPW Pack in Flatbed / Bale - fs mods
Fliegl DPW Pack in Flatbed / Bale - fs mods
Fliegl DPW Pack in Flatbed / Bale - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

You can leave feedback for this mod once you've downloaded it. If you have any issues with using the mod, please view the support topic.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars
JohnDeere1952 - 5/5 stars

Nice job and great addition.

ian898 - 5/5 stars

top mod and MR Ready to that was a real treat :P

Mod Addict - 5/5 stars

Very well done and a great addition to a cattle farm or any farm!

wilbear - 5/5 stars

nice range of trailers and tractor units all done well.
well done keep up the good standard of work :)

Jackwalsh02 - 4/5 stars

good work

david4666 - 5/5 stars

Brilliant mod, many different combinations possible

Sinobi1325 - 5/5 stars

Well made mod, lots of customization options

MartinLaid - 5/5 stars

Awesome mod :)

SimulatorAddict - 5/5 stars

Kerbo - 5/5 stars

Great set of mods, thank you

WakaHaka - 2/5 stars

Great work on the mod. It crashes on Steam/Mac version when I walk towards the trailer. This is when UAL is on / off and whether I selected it via the shop. Using on Oakfield Farm.



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